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India orders Russian equipment for 1st Manned Space Mission

India has ordered Russia’s space equipment as it is preparing to send its first manned mission to orbit, according to Sergey Pozdnyakov, general director and chief designer of Research and Development Production Enterprise Zvezda, a Russian company manufacturing life-support systems for human spaceflights. “India is developing its own space suits and life-support systems for the …

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India can’t wish away defence ties with Russia, say sources ahead of Jaishankar-Pompeo talks

Ahead of strategically-important India-US talks, diplomatic sources on Tuesday said India meets the US waiver criteria for procuring the S-400 missile defence system from sanctions-hit Moscow, and asserted that New Delhi cannot “wish away” its defence ties with Moscow. Besides India’s missile defence systems deal with Russia, terrorism, H1B visas, trade and the situation arising …