India rapt a step nearer to inviting bids for the acquisition of 114 fighter jets, presently the world’s largest deal live, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to spice up the capability of the country’s military associate degreed replace an aging combat craft fleet.

The deal — valued at over $15 billion — has attracted initial offers from world defence majors, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Sweden’s Saab. At least 85 per cent of production has to be in India, according to an initial document issued more than a year back.

Modernising the country’s defence forces is vital for Modi, who hardly signed any new major arms deals during his first term, even as twin threats from neighbouring China and Pakistan loomed. A Pakistani F-16 jet cut associate degree aging Soviet-era MiG twenty one — Indian Air Force’s mainstay — in a very dogfight throughout a military confrontation earlier this year.

The analysis of initial bids and finalising the Air Forces’ necessities has begun, junior defence minister Shripad Naik told lawmakers in Parliament. India is additionally drafting initial documents to buy tanks and armoured vehicles, as well as asking foreign shipbuilders to show interest to manufacture submarines in India, he said.

Naik’s comments came 2 days when Asian country sought-after bids for buying warships and support vessels for its Navy and Coast Guard because it ramps up security of its maritime border in the Indian Ocean region. Modi’s administration on weekday asked seven shipyards to submit proposals for the development of six missile warships and different smaller vessels price Rs one hundred fifty billion ($2.2 billion), the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

The Indian Air Force and Navy need as several as four hundred single- and double-engine combat craft, consistent with the govt.