A Jaguar fighter jet of the Indian Air Force that flew right into a flock of birds that close up one in all the 2 engines was able to land safely because of fast thinking by the pilot, the Indian Air Force aforementioned on weekday.

The air force conjointly discharged a 48-second video of the bird hit and also the pilot’s maneuvre that it aforementioned, saved the fighter jet and lives of many civilians living in the area near the airfield at Ambala.

The young pilot had began from the Air Force station at Ambala on Th morning on a coaching mission at regarding seven.45 am.

In the video, the fighter jet is seen flying into a flock of birds within seconds of take-off.
“The bird hit resulted within the failure of 1 of its engines,” the air force said.

Within successive few seconds, the fighter jet is seen to be dropping off something that goes up in flames as soon as it hits the ground.
WATCH : IAF releases video of Jaguar dropping practice bombs, says pilot saved lives

“Despite one in all the foremost serious emergencies staring in his face, the young pilot assessed the situation in a matter of seconds and jettisoned the two extra fuel drop tanks as well because the Carrier Bomb lightweight Stores pods, or practice bombs. He was able to land safely.

“His actions bear testimony to the very best skilled standards of the IAF ensuing from intensive operational coaching,” the IAF said.

Ambala police had yesterday underlined that solely a fuel tank had fallen outside the air force station. “No one was slashed, though panic gripped the area for a while,” Ambala Superintendent of Police Mohit Handa told news agency PTI.

Since 2015, the Indian Air Force has already lost thirty three craft as well as nineteen fighter jets.